TVC Pro-Driver – Protecting Professional Drivers and their Families for over 25 years

Truckers Voice in Court is the leading membership service for professional commercial drivers in the USA and Canada. We protect CDL drivers. Drivers often join us to fight a traffic ticket, and keep us for our great service and full range of benefits. Membership in TVC provides a wide range of services and coverage that benefit professional drivers and their families. Benefits fall in several main areas:

  • Free legal representation in court for most moving and non-moving violations
  • $5,000 Police Bail Bond for serious accidents, and free representation in court
  • $50,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy
  • A wide range of discounts, including hotels, rental cars, health discounts, and more
  • Roadside assistance for personal vehicles
  • A customer loyalty bonus that can supplement a driver’s retirement plan

Membership provides one key thing: PEACE OF MIND.

Many drivers are very worried about what is going on in the industry right now. The federal CSA2010 legislation and media scrutiny is making trucking increasingly difficult. This has many drivers understandably worried. Insurance companies and trucking companies are dropping drivers who have too many points. Drivers with tickets or warnings run the risk of losing their employment.

At the same time the states are increasing the number of citations that are being issued in order to generate more revenue. This double jeopardy makes drivers very nervous.

If you were a member when you got the ticket, we will fight the ticket for you for free*. Give us a call at 1-503-383-1199 to get the process started. Please note that there is a 10 day waiting period for new members on new tickets, which is why we always remind new members not to get a ticket for at least 10 days!If you currently have a ticket and aren’t a member, we will fight the ticket for you for a flat $295*, plus membership dues. First you must become a member, and then we will fight the ticket. We need at least 10 business days to fight the ticket for $295 – we do handle rush cases for $395. Call 503-383-1199 for more details.It is usually a good idea to ask the court for an extension on the appearance date. This gives you some time and breathing room.

*Please note that some citation are not covered for free, or $295 for non-members. In these cases the member is referred to an attorney who will handle the case at a 25% discount.

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